EME DX expedition HV0A

EME activity from HV0A on 2m and 70cm.

We are very glad to announce that we are invited to join the planned EME activity from Vatican City, HV0A in JN61FV, organized by Sergio, IK0FTA and Francesco, IK0FVC. They made it possible to receive permission for this operation, the first since 1999 on 2m and most likely the first ever on 70cm.

Please keep in mind some important notes:
HV location is in the centre of Rome in a very crowded area with a lot of QRM ! We will use the best receiver and filters we can find and hope we are able to receive the very weak EME signals. Chris PA2CHR visit the place in May for receive measurements and it is really bad!
Because of security reasons it is possible we are not able to enter the location, so operation might be cancelled just a few days in advance!

If all works out fine, this will be our schedule:
Friday August 28: moonrise at 18:00 UTC moonset at 03:00 UTC (Saturday 29) QRG: 144 MHz.
Saturday August 29: moonrise at 19:00 UTC moonset at 04:00 UTC (Sunday 30) QRG: 144 MHz.
Sunday August 30: moonrise at 19:30 UTC moonset at 05:15 UTC (Monday 31) QRG: 432 MHz.
Monday August 31: moonrise at 20:15 UTC moonset at 06:30 UTC (Tuesday 1/9) QRG: 144 MHz.

Equipment will be:
144 MHz: 24 el. X-pol yagi / FT1000 + Kuhne TR144H / Cavity preamps / bandpass filters / Beko HLV and Italab PA.
432 MHz: 38 el. M2 yagi / FT857 / Cavity preamps / bandpass filters / Italab PA.
Frequencies will be announced on location.

Log will be uploaded to LoTw and QSL via IK0FVC as usually.

Sergio, IK0FTA
Francesco, IK0FVC
Lins, PA3CMC
Chris, PA2CHR

Click here for photogallery hv0a.pa3cmc.nl

Click here for video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzjPD46tR1s

Log 2m HV0A:


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